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Ryan lived in Eastern Washington until he got to high school when his family moved to the Seattle area. After high school he went to the University of Washington where he tried his hand at other career paths before settling on pharmacy. He worked his way through school as a B tech in a hospital pharmacy in downtown Seattle before doing his internship there and eventually being hired on as a full-fledged hospital pharmacist in the same pharmacy.

Kim Jul 84Kim was born and raised in Northern California. She entered the pre-pharmacy program at the University of the Pacific straight out of high school and went to school year round to earn her pharmacy degree in five years. She did a general practice pharmacy residency in Sacramento and then decided she was ready for a change in geography. Of all the places she’d ever been on the many road trips her family had taken when she was a kid, Seattle was the place she thought she’d most like to live. She got a job in a hospital in downtown Seattle and an apartment two blocks from work.

Neither being particularly outgoing, Ryan and Kim worked in the same pharmacy department for nine months before having a real conversation with each other. At that point, another co-worker set up a hiking trip in which five pharmacists from their department participated. During this hike Ryan and Kim discovered that they actually had a great deal in common. In the following weeks they spent more and more time together and it didn’t take them long to realize that they belonged together. In June of 2007, in the fjords of Norway, beneath the Bøyabreen glacier, on the edge of the Brevatnet lake, Ryan proposed and Kim said yes. They got married in April 2008.

Good ship, Fjærlandsfjord



  1. This morning I’ve been browsing flickr for anything tagged “Zillah” and noticed your photos. I lived in Zillah from 1969-1972, attended Zillah Jr Hi & HS. Just curious who your grandma is. I remember a few folks from Zillah, though have lost touch with most. Thanks for posting your pics. Nice to see my former hometown.

  2. Hi Kim and Ryan,
    I am currently preparing a journal manuscript regarding the structure of helmet urchins and found your photo of them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mallady/3195254385/. Would it be alright if I used your photo? I am hoping to publish in the Journal of Structural Biology and was not sure about the copyright policies of Flickr. Let me know.

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