Posted by: Kim | March 1, 2009

Two-month catch up

Two months of the year have already gone by without a post! It’s not that we haven’t been doing anything, though. We’ve been busy planning, working, healing, planning and working some more!

We recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of moving into our house. In that time it has definitely become a home for us. We still have some furniture to buy, but we’re very happy here. We love our cul-de-sac and our neighbors and our beautiful neighborhood. It just keeps getting better with the new grocery store opening up within walking distance and the new bus route that makes our commute a straight shot from home with no need to drive.

I’ve also been working on something called “Project 365” in which I take at least one photo every day. So far I haven’t missed a day! I do try to make them interesting too, although I’m not always successful.

Project 365

Project 365

We’ve (once again) resolved to update this more frequently, so keep a lookout!



  1. yipee, a new post! Hard to believe its been a year since you moved to Silent Creek.

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