Posted by: Ryan | December 20, 2008

Welcome to the Yukon

Well, I’d say winter is here.

We received about 1-2″ of snow here in Snoqualmie on Thursday, and Seattle proper received a little more. The roads were so slick with ice that our bus route was canceled, stranding Kimmy at work. We were among the lucky ones that even made it into work that day: Around ten pharmacists and technicians couldn’t make it in at all, which left the rest of us working harder and longer. Kim worked a double shift to cover us, and when we got off work at midnight we stayed at the Madison Renaissance in downtown on the company’s dime. We enjoyed a soft bed, a nice view of the downtown lights at night, a hot shower, and about five hours of sleep before it was time to go back.

Today the roads have been mostly sanded and cleared, and the weather clear. However, a storm is approaching: The weathermen expect strong winds coming down from the Cascades, sustained anywhere from 30 to 50 mph, with gusts 70-90 mph, along with a variable dusting of snow, and then some freezing rain. The cold winds will create blizzard conditions in the mountains, and rush down the river valleys to Seattle (we live right by one of those valleys). While Snoqualmie isn’t expecting a lot of snow due to the high winds, Seattle could see another 3-10 inches. Now, I take this forecast with a grain of salt (we were also supposed to receive a snow dump on Wednesday, which never materialized); but nonetheless, we’re getting ready.

Which such strong winds, we have to prepare for the possibility of an extended power outage. So we went to Fred Meyers to stock up on non-perishable food for the weekend. Well, we weren’t the only ones: Fred Meyers was a mess, and the check-out lines stretched from one end of the store to the other. We got out alive and are looking forward to our meals over the next week: Canned peaches, pistachios, root beer, and applesauce.

Kim just opened the front door, and saw whirls of white snow blowing from the rooftops, car-tops, and even straight off the lawns. We could see the green silhouettes of the fir trees in the distance, rocking and swaying in the roaring wind. Here we go!


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