Posted by: Ryan | December 15, 2008

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s almost midnight, and currently 17 degrees in Snoqualmie, with a windchill of 6. I’ve never seen a windchill here in the Seattle area that low. I ran some errands earlier today in Issaquah, and took some beautiful pictures of a snowy Mt. Si from Borst Lake. The rest of the day we stayed home where it was nice and toasty.


The forecast is for more snow on Wednesday, and on the weekend before Christmas (oh, great!), and we likely won’t see 35 degrees again until Christmas Eve. As beautiful as it was outside today, living only within your house is not a fun way to live. It makes me really wish I lived in Hawai’i, where it’s in the 80s right now and I could wade into the ocean and smell the flowers on the warm breeze and lay back and look at the stars. It could be worse, though: projects a -42 °F windchill for northern Minnesota tonight.



  1. Thank goodness for a toasty home!

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