Posted by: Ryan | September 17, 2008

A Hidden Lake

Kim and I had the weekend off and took off on what might be our last big hike of the summer. It’s tough to pick a spectacular hike that neither of us had done yet. I grabbed the hiking books and we eventually decided on the hike to Hidden Lake in North Cascades National Park: Eight miles round-trip, with a big elevation gain of 3500 feet.

Bear Country

The trail started climbing early on, first through forest, then through dense overgrown brush. Later in the day, several hikers told us they’d seen a bear just off the trail in this section, but we never saw him: Just wide swaths of trampled vegetation and a ton of missing berries. The trail switchbacked up the hillside and then crossed over the creek and over the treeline.

Kim in the High Country

Rocky Road

The upper section had fantastic wide views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding peaks that got better as we went along. The trail kept getting rockier and rockier, until eventually we lost the trail several times as it crossed large rock piles. We found a little meltwater pool below the pass and took some pictures.


We crossed the pass and were rewarded with a beautiful view of Hidden Lake. Could you get anything more beautiful than this? Usually encircled by ice throughout August, the lake hangs high in a rocky valley on the precipice of mountainous cliffs. We could see Boston Peak and Sahale Arm in the distance, where we had hiked last year.

Worth the Climb


We climbed a steep and exposed trail up the boulder-strewn peak above the pass. At the top was a fire lookout anchored to the rocks. We sat on a large boulder and had lunch and took pictures 360 degrees around. We could see not only Mt. Baker, but also Mt. Shuksan, Glacier Peak, Dome Peak, Snowking Mountain, Eldorado, the Picketts, Boston Peak, Johannesburg Mountain, and more, and faintly in the distance the hazy image of Mt. Rainier. (Below is a telephoto of Dome Peak).

Dome Peak

Sittin' on Top

Kim and I agreed that this probably ranks as our favorite hike we’ve ever done. Meadows and forests and rocks, with a beautiful lake and an expansive view of the north cascades at the top. Can’t beat that. Even Slush had fun!

No Seatbelt



  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your spectacular hike!

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