Posted by: Ryan | August 27, 2008


The neighborhood we moved to this year has a gorgeous golf complex called the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. The “TPC” designates that it’s a Tournament Players Club course: A PGA-owned course specifically designed to hold large crowds, often with “amphitheather”-type seating around pivotal holes, and which are often sites of major PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour events.

This is the uphill 10th hole. Don’t fall in a bunker.
Bunker HIll

Last weekend, an event on the senior tour, the Boeing Classic, was held on our local course. We took a few hours on Saturday morning to walk around the course and see the players. Since the course is off-limits to even neighborhood residents (if they’re not club members), this was our chance to see this beautiful playground in our backyard.

This is the green of the 13th hole, “Mt Si-gh.”
Mt. Si-gh

This is the 14th hole, the “signature hole” of the course. Players have to tee off over a forested ravine to an undulating fairway. Yikes.
Bear's Canyon

We innocently took pictures of some of the prettiest holes, and made it all the way to the 18th hole before a marshal told us photography wasn’t allowed on the course. Oops!

The 18th, with a grand view of Mt. Si:

It was a rare sunny day in Seattle this year, and we both got a tad sunburned (Kim’s chin & shoulder; my forehead & nose). We were also almost late to work the evening shift that day. But we got some great views of the course!


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