Posted by: Ryan | August 26, 2008

Blue Sky Holiday

It’s been an awful summer here in Seattle: clouds, rain, and storms. Even patient Seattleites won’t accept that during our God-given summer months! So Kim and I took off for a mid-week weekend in Eastern Washington, where we can see some blue sky and see the Milky Way!

Look, No House!

We camped at 25-Mile Creek State Park, on the shore of Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan is a 50-mile long natural lake, only accessible by car for roughly a third of its length (a passenger ferry travels the whole way). It’s supposedly the third-deepest lake in the U.S. at 1,486 feet (behind only Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe), and the 18th-deepest in the world. It greatly resembled the fjords we visited in Norway (except drier, of course!). Interesting note: According to Wikipedia, the retention time (mean amount of time water spends in the lake) for Lake Chelan is 10.6 years (due to its depth, and low out-flow rate).

Happy Kimmy

I really miss living under sunshine and blue skies!

Blue Sky Holiday

We ran into some trouble with the breezy wind on the docks, as water kept splashing up at us as we went by. Here’s a short video of Kim and I crossing the splash zone (humor involved).

We cooked hotdogs over the campfire for dinner, and after sunset we reclined on a picnic bench and watched the stars come out. Oh, stars, how we forget ye! We even saw a shooting star and a few satellites while staring up.


The next day, on the way back, we stopped at Lake Wenatchee State Park. It’s a very beautiful lake, and nice state park. We think we’ll have to come back!

Emerald Island

When we arrived back in Seattle, it was overcast and gray again. Duh.


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