Posted by: Ryan | May 1, 2008

Looking Backward, and Looking Forward…

Looking backward at our wedding, and forward to our honeymoon, that is. In between, we’ve been working graveyards (or being quiet so as to not wake my sleeping wife), opening wedding presents, writing thank you notes, not doing dishes, and sorting through some of the nearly 3,000 pictures that our photographer Grant took of our wedding. We loved this particular picture so much, we just had to share it as soon as we saw it. This is Kim’s friend Wana, in stunned horror as the tossed bouquet falls at her feet. 🙂

Kimberly and Ryan 2A 753

And here’s the lovely couple… awww….

Kimberly and Ryan 1A 1096

And so we say Farewell, for now. We’re off on our honeymoon! More cute pictures will come after we get back. We’ll see y’all later!

-Ryan & Kim



  1. Soooo beautiful. Congrats and hello again!

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