Posted by: Ryan | January 5, 2008

Seahawks 35, Redskins 14

Whew. What a close one.

After dominating the first half and leading 13-0, the Hawks fell into a rut and saw the Skins score fourteen unanswered points in the fourth quarter. Momentum turned again, however, when Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham missed a chip-shot 30-yard field goal (after getting a gift turnover on a muffed kickoff return). One missed opportunity for Washington, and Seattle took advantage. A 20-yard TD to D.J. Hackett, a two-point conversion to Marcus Pollard, and then two interceptions for touchdowns by Trufant (78 yards, oh my God!) & Babineaux (57 yards) – and the game was over. After falling behind and scaring the beejeezus out of all their fans, the Hawks score 22 straight points to close the game. Gaiety and joyousness ensue.

Next week: A road game on the frozen tundra of Green Bay. Ewhh… This team don’t likee the road games. Fingers crossed.

Photo by Gilbert W. Arias (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) 1/05/07 


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