Posted by: Kim | October 9, 2007

I didn’t have a good time, but I had fun!

Last weekend I went to Victoria with my aunt Lynn, Lynn’s fiancé Mark, my grandfather, and my grandfather’s poodle Chico (Ryan had to work so couldn’t come with us). They picked me up Friday right after work and we spent the night in Port Angeles before hopping a ferry to Victoria on Saturday morning. We spent a little time exploring the downtown sights, but the highlight of the trip for me was our visit to The Butchart Gardens. Even in the rain (they provided complimentary umbrellas), the gardens were gorgeous. See the Sunken Garden below:

Sunken Garden

We spent Saturday night in a hotel in Sidney and Sunday morning we were up early for the whole purpose of the trip: the Royal Victoria Marathon! This was Mark’s 71st marathon, but Lynn, Grampa and I only ran the 8K race (Chico opted to stay in the car).


It threatened to rain all this morning, but as you can see, when Lynn and Grampa were finishing up the 8K it was too warm for hats and coats and instead they needed visors and sunglasses. Four hours later, though, when Mark was finishing up his marathon, we weren’t so lucky. Only the most devoted fans were waiting at the finish line to cheer those marathon runners home!

Devoted Fan

My official time on the 8K was 50:18. The best thing about this time is that there’s lots of room for improvement. Also on the bright side, both the male and female winners of the half marathon were over the age of 40. This means that Ryan and I have plenty of time to get into shape!



  1. Interesting title! Great picture of the gardens, love to visit sometime.

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